MELZ Indcosys believe in offering the optimized Automation Solution to have maximum ENERGY SAVING, Cost Saving & Highly reliable systems with reduced risk management.

Energy management is one of the key concerns of every buildings, offices and facilities. It becomes very essential to keep your Energy cost as low as possible while maintaining a healthy productive environment.

MELZ Energy Management Solutions are very simple and straight…..If you could measure it in a right way, you can manage it also in a right way. More you measure, the better you can manage. WE believe ENERGY SAVED is ENERGY GAINED.

MELZ offers complete Energy management solutions from a very high load consumer to a downsized single switch point. All can be monitored measured and controlled.

Solutions offered

  • Lighting control Systems
  • HVAC Control systems
  • Energy Audit Solutions
  • Lightening & Surge protection survey & Solutions
  • Solar panel Interfaces & Controls
  • Stand by Genset & UPS Controls
  • Paralleling of Gensets and Mains Synchronization
  • Prepaid Metering & Smart Billing Systems
  • Demand Monitoring & Control Systems
  • Remote Monitoring of Equipments & Machines
  • Quality Power Solutions & Services


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