MELZ – FIRE CONTROL SYSTEM with advanced features of Fire Detection & Suppression

                    MELZ Indcosys Solutions with all its rich experience and domain knowledge has designed & developed a state of art Fire control system (FCS), an advanced system with all the functionality of standard Fire Alarm Panel for Fire Detection and intelligent circuits for Fire Suppression. MELZ FCS - the Safety & Security System can provide reliable fire detection, signaling and protection for all types of Commercial, Industrial, Defence and Institutional buildings requiring the new technological Aerosol based fire extinguishing. The system is designed to detect Fire condition with the help of highly reliable sensors and reports it locally with the help of HMI display as well as to the remote station.

Power generation
Transmission & Distribution
Telecommunication & IT
Textile & Automotive
Oil & Gas
Food & Pharma
Marine & Aerospace
Machine Tool Equipments
Wind & Solar
Hotels & Hospitals
Education Institutions
         With rich and varied automation experience together with domain expertise, MELZ Indcosys can efficiently design, develop and execute from simpler to more complex Industrial and Domestic Firefighting Systems there by helping everyone to control Fire & live a much expected safer life with the state-of-the-art Aerosol Technology based solutions

Solutions offered for

  • Home & Offices
  • Power Generator & Distribution Room & Buildings
  • Server & Record Rooms
  • Control Panel Enclosures
  • Power Panels – MCC, PCC, LV Distribution
  • Transformer Location Area
  • All Types of Industries – Textile, Foundry, Shop Floor, Process Industries, Printing & Packaging & any types of machineries
  • Food & Hospitals
  • Oil & Gas, Offshore Applications
  • Fire Fighting Brigades
  • Super Markets & Malls
  • Entertainment Cinema Halls, Multiplex Complexes
  • Banks, Government Offices, Jewellery shops


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