About Us
  • With rich and varied Automation experience together with domain expertise, MELZ can efficiently design, develop, and execute from any simpler to more complex Test Rigs.
  • Our Test Rigs are configured based on the scalable modular solutions which are flexible and easy to upgrade by interlinking the Controls of Electrical, Electronics, Instrumentation and Mechanical Engineering.
  • The System Architecture is designed to meet the stringent Test compliance of Indian & International Standards including all Environmental Test Conditions.
  • MELZ Test Rigs are performing 24x7 hrs of operation through-out the year in ensuring Product Reliability, Durability & its performance.
  • Unique design in extending the useful life of the test rigs through easy and cost effective upgrades that can accommodate new products and new functional tests.
About Us


  • MELZ is engaged in developing machines to assist and stimulate problems with real time application conditions and environment for prototype modules to meet the desired specifications ensuring high Quality Assurance.
  • These machines will provide precise, repeatable test results for production engineering. Solutions are embedded with data logging, report generation and complete data acquisition (wired and wireless) creating a permanent record confirming built to specification.


About Us
  • All types of PLC & HMI based control panel manufacturing
  • Power & VFD panels for special machines, HVAC, process & packaging systems
  • PC-based data acquisition and control solutions to monitor Production Count, MTBF, MTRR, Equipment Efficiency, Planned & Unplanned Downtime
  • Graphical representation of operational & maintenance parameters, Web based SCADA
  • Monitoring Quality Trends and performance graphs
  • Networking, Database connectivity for data logging & report generation
  • Access & Analyze machine data remotely (Desktop, Mobile Applications)
  • All types of Communication Interface – RS232, RS485, Modbus, CAN, Profibus, Ethernet with machines & field instruments


About Us
  • Successful Design & Manufacture of end-of-line functionality testing machineries to meet the Test critical product quality parameters before dispatch.
  • Enrich experience to measure & record various process and machine parameters like Force, Torque, Speed, Displacement, Electrical parameters, Level, Flow, Temperature, Pressure, Material properties w.r.t dimensional checks and hardness.
  • These machines are designed in detecting and pinpointing the source of product defects for quicker resolution. Registering repeated errors in the assembly process to eliminate rejection and rework.

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